My slogan is Catherine Marie Ramos: Design in mind, fashion at heart. This represents me because I grew up drawing, painting, singing, playing instruments, sewing and the list goes on. However, I have always been fascinated with making a business with my crafts, like when I was ten years old I would sell my drawings and paintings; but when I was 16 I started a fashion line. I fell in love with fashion because it was a way I could have my creative outlet but also build a business and network that was in an exciting industry. I went to Parsons originally for fashion design, but after the first year I understood that it was not designing that made me passionate, it was the product and business development that compelled me to learn more. I switched to a Management degree as a BBA in Strategic Design & Management. In my most recent years, I have been interested in Strategic Growth development and also Fashion Buying. I hope to pursue a career in fashion buying, but also my personal product developments. I graduated from Parsons the New School for Design in Spring 2014 and reside in Brooklyn, NY.


Contact: CatherineRamos@me.com

Me in the streets of SoHo, NY

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